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Set your action plan with 3D Academy

In 3D Academy, we use to say “3D is changing the world, one garment at a time.”

Digital technologies in fashion design mean far fewer physical samples and faster production times for quicker time-to-market. Brands can follow trends and adjust collections on the fly, which leads to less wasted inventory or items that go out of style before they even hit the racks.

The 3D industry continues to grow rapidly as technology improves day by day and offers almost endless possibilities for creation that can be applied to every area of daily life, from home to work.

Let’s see in this article the main steps that must be followed to successfully introduce 3D design within your company.

Step 1: Define your Core Body Profile and customize your measurements

and explore your Fit block Library. If you don't have one is the right time to build it!

Each brand has its own fit and different type of core profiles and at the beginning of a 3D implementation, the most important thing is to get your FIT right into the software.

To make this happen you need to build a block library together with your customized fit. Most of the 3D software on the market offers parametric avatars but some make it better than others. In a nutshell:

- CLO3D offers parametric avatars with difficult control of the posture. The look is not made for realistic presentations.

- Browzwear offers complete control of their parametric avatars but the offer of different characters is not so wide and realistic

In our opinion, the software that makes it better is Style3D: the wide variety of avatars, skin colors, accessories, and the possibility to work on facial expressions make the solution the most suitable for realistic presentations.

Step 2: Definition of the Fabric Library might be 50% of the project's success

Start deep diving into Fabrics

Nowadays there are a lot of players on the market who offer solutions for fabric scanning and physical testing. Whoever you are going to select, make sure to provide the right set of data in accessible formats.

Even if the fabric digitalization might take some time it’s extremely important to set your library up at the beginning of the project so that all of your users and suppliers are sure to “talk the same language”.

Fabric draping is such an important factor to get realistic 3D garments, so do not save on it!

Step 3: Build the right infrastructure

Choosing and investing in the most complete software is sometimes not enough if you don’t put competent and professional staff behind it.

What you need to remember is:

-You need a strong workstation: Budget some first-class equipped machines for your users.

-Don’t save on quality: In some cases, the best results are coming from different software synergy. So you probably will need the knowledge of more than 2 software.

-Find the right people: look for motivated employers who could think out of the box because digital clothing is always changing and staying updated is mandatory.

Step 4: An implementation timeframe would help you to reach your goals

Define a POC: a proof of concept

The POC’s aim is to determine the feasibility of the idea or to

verify that the idea will work as planned showing whether and how it is possible to develop a product or a feature.

POC should be the first step of the 3D implementation process in a company, as it will highlight business needs, efforts, and investments to meet customer expectations.

Don’t forget to set goals before starting the trial and make sure these are measurable so that at the end of the trial you can judge with data on hand.

Are you ready for the ultimate implementation? LET AN EXPERT HELP YOU THROUGH THIS EXCITING JOURNEY

The meeting is suitable for all companies and individuals who need professional guidance from a Digital 3D tech Consultant, who specialized in the Apparel Industry with over 10 years of experience, helping both companies and professionals to make the most of their digital potential.

The video call takes place on the Zoom platform, at the time of booking you will receive a link to click to access the appointment on the day and time established at your convenience through Calendly.


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