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More and more fashion brands are investing in 3D content creation, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, contributing to creating a brand new "digital fashion" sector.

Fashion companies are increasingly oriented toward innovation and technology, in response to new trends and changes in the actual panorama

The advantages of digital fashion are many: the 3D garments can be easily conveyed on various platforms, can reach consumers who do not have the opportunity to reach physical stores, and also eventually become an entertainment tool for users.

Lately, 3DTechnology has progressed a lot, being able to create a final digital fashion image, which looks very realistic. Customers can choose between still or animated images, contributing to increasing the credibility of the digital draping.

Let’s discover together 3 reasons why to move from physical to digital as soon as possible!

First reason: Digital Fashion is affordable and allows you to save money

One of the most attractive features of digital fashion is its affordability. While many of the early digital fashion drops were auctioned off for thousands of dollars, today digital fashion is becoming more affordable. The first saving concerns the elimination of material waste during the design, construction, and testing of clothes. In this sense, it is immediately evident the additional economic advantage that derives from it and also the saving of the technical times that elapse between design and time to market.

The collection was designed also, may not be realized and put on the market but kept digital thanks to the use of NFTs and sold in Crypovalute. With the advent of the Metaverse, shopping is becoming more and more “online for the online”, without ever having to own a real dress.

The increasing demand from professionals has made 3D an option that is not too expensive. The price of creation has decreased and is no longer a choice taken into account by the biggest chains or by the biggest brands. In fact, contrary to popular belief, savings and costs benefit small businesses in particular.

Second Reason: Digital fashion is green

One of the biggest challenges that the fashion industry is facing today is being able to create clothing that meets the needs of consumers, while at the same time respecting our planet. So what is sustainable manufacturing?

It is the realization of manufacturing products with non-polluting processes preserving energy and/or natural resources and making products economically viable and safe for workers, consumers, and the community more generally.

For many producers, it is not so simple to be "green". Fast fashion has created a group of consumers who want to dress in a simple way, at cheap but trendy prices. While Fast Fashion has helped to create new trends, it has also made sure that the creation and manufacture of clothing are no longer so "eco-friendly".

3D can reduce the waste of time and resources, but it can also be a sustainable solution.

It is important to focus on sustainability and encourage the use of 3D in the company to bring real change, speed up processes and be more sustainable. In addition to the abandonment of old clothing by consumers, the brands spend on average every year 6-8 billion dollars for the creation of physical prototypes that we have already listed and overdevelopment of the collection not to mention the costs of defective garments. Digital transformation saves up to 75% of physical prototypes and makes them available as 3D images.

Designers can get digital samples in a short time and easily make all the necessary changes - even at the last minute - without wasting fabric. With the 3D technology used to create digital prototypes, you can reduce the amount of material and water you need, and at the same time, you can see clothing in advance and make more accurate decisions.

Third Reason: Digital fashion allow clients to dress the digital avatar or to try it before buying

The new design technologies, including the 3D one - already used, among others, by Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s - are also carried out in an innovative way by new designers, with further attention to the sustainable implications of this process: many are the brands that are bringing great value to the industry in this sense, allowing anyone to show off the beautiful (and in this case, imaginative) digital fashion creations. So it is not just the relationship between physical and digital but only digital, creating clothes that are used to dress your avatar or to wear in a photo.

Also, another type of use is that thanks to digital fashion, it’s actually already possible to virtually try on clothes before buying the

physical ones. Virtual try-on is especially important for sustainable shopping in today’s world. Most of our textile waste ends up as landfill material due to returns from ultimately not liking or fitting clothing.

There are so many other reasons to switch to digital clothing, start now with 3D Academy. Book your free consultancy and let’s talk about your project

If you:

  • are a company and you don’t know where to start for your 3D implementation 3D Academy consultancy is right for you

  • have a business idea for 3D but you would like to compare yourself to see if it is feasible

The meeting is suitable for all companies and individuals who need professional guidance from a Digital 3D tech Consultant, who specialized in the Apparel Industry with over 10 years of experience, helping both companies and professionals to make the most of their digital potential.

The video call takes place on the Zoom platform, at the time of booking you will receive a link to click to access the appointment on the day and time established at your leisure through Calendly.

See you soon!

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