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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Last week we launched a survey on Linkedin about the common affirmation on 3D technology. When we asked which of the following sentences is false, the results were very interesting

31% think that 3D is not leading to more sustainability, while another 31% said that 3D does not help lead time.

The right answer, in this case, is only one: it is not true that 3D is only for gaming.

Digital modelling is a field in rapid expansion but what is not known is that 3D is not only dedicated to gaming. In fact, every day is becoming more and more fundamental thanks to its many advantages.

There is a certain interest in the fashion industry in the use of 3D to streamline the product development cycle, as well as a great support in the creation of digital content for eCommerce and communication purposes.

In most other specialized sectors such as Automotive, Industrial Design, Architecture, 3D technology has been used for many years. In some of these cases, is even unreasonable to create something from scratch without the help of this technology.

But let’s see together how, with this cutting-edge technology, it is possible to innovate the traditional garment production process as well.

The tangible benefits

The adoption of 3D in the fashion industry leads unquestionably to the achievement of several results:

• Reduction of prototyping time and cost (fewer real prototypes are produced and modifications are made faster and digitally)

• Production of dynamic 3D assets instead of static shooting material such as a still life photo

• 3D assets can be reused to build libraries of basic blocks and therefore help in the creation of other garments later

• In the case of e-commerce or catalogues, 3D contents can replace the photo book creating a faster and more sustainable process

• Through the share of 3D assets on social media or appropriate platforms, it is possible to collect market feedback even before the production of the garment

The software offer on the market

There are several innovative software that is participating in this dizzying growth, in particular, we can highlight:

- Clo 3D, Style 3D, Browzwear. Which could help you translate your patterns into digital prototypes

- Mixamo from Adobe. A great and free service that helps you create stunning animations of your garments

- Daz 3D and its huge library of 3D characters to leverage your presentation and make it hyper-realistic.

Would you like to know how to start making a change in your company?

Have a look at our bundles for Tailored mentoring!

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