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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In 3D the fit is everything!

When designing clothing, designers must keep specific proportion in consideration. During the development of the product, it is necessary to stick to the base size of the Brand in order to accomodate the fit.

Whether the product is designed for a particular age group or target segment, having a 3D model may prove to be essential for most of the products. For example, whenever someone receives compliments for the garment they are wearing, most people agree that it is due to the way the garment adapts to the body and reveal the figure.

Keeping customers involved with their brand and getting them back to buy, is what every designer wants. If the clothes fit perfectly to the customer, this will create what we call "Brand loyalty", a situation in which both the brand and designers can find benefits in the long run.

With 3D technology, designers can achieve more precise measurements!

What’s better than getting a more accurate and realistic fit without physically realizing the product? The correct draping of 3D clothing is essential to have a precise fit. 3D software help you to digitally sew and drape samples on a 3D model and add animations such as walking and jumping, which might help in the fitting purpose. The 3D Design technology helps to provide users with real-time feedback and eventually check how the garment fits when the avatar is in motion.

Although the transition from physical to digital clothing fit will be gradual in the fashion industry, many designers and brands are starting to see the benefits of 3D modeling in product development. With the help of 3D technology, designers can achieve more precise measurements and the perfect volumes and placements, without even waiting for the first proto. In addition, 3D technology helps to keep continuity in the product, as the same 3D asset will be available any time and in any place.

3D prototyping has gained popularity in the clothing industry as it can substantially help designers to reduce

errors during the product development, as well as help create the right garments that meet the market demand.

In addition to providing an efficient way of working, 3D assets can also help to significantly reduce costs. Most users might not see immediate results of increased efficiency and cost savings during the product development phase, due to the ramp-up phase. But surely 3D design and its implementation in the process, can provide significant mid to long-term results.

So, in 3D Academy we think that by now the developed technologies have made great progress to meet the consumer demand...And you, what do you think?

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