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Challenges and advantages of a new digital era in Apparel Industries

Some days ago, on November 4th, 3D Academy had the opportunity to meet you at the Impact Hub in Lugano during the Swiss Digital Days where we discussed "How 3D technology can make the world of fashion more sustainable."

We know that in the last year the Fashion world has witnessed a sharp speedup of Digital, in particular for what concern 3D technologies. Due to the pandemic, people have started changing habits globally and eventually highlighted the need for a new approach to the digital world.

Even if the retail and fashion industry is known for its resistance to change, some are starting to recognize all the incredible advantages that 3D brings to daily work.

The learning lab has highlighted several aspects of the industry coming from the reality of the Apparel Industry and has given all the information to start working on a Digital Transformation project, clarifying ideas in terms of needs and goals when it comes to correctly implementing 3D.

Together we saw why is essential to evaluate the impact on your workflow therefore exist different approaches to your implementation:


A good approach could be to start from one of the easiest categories and then move to more complex ones (ie. base layer and then down jacket)


You can slowly move one supplier at a time to the 3D sampling. Doing this with more at the same time might heavily impact your production.


If you are totally new to 3D sampling you can also imagine starting from a very small capsule collection to check the market reaction.

There is a huge opportunity to create a completely different fashion brand by exploiting these technologies in combination with digital versions of their products.

Imagine a brand that is able to create digital designs and take orders before even producing a single sample.

Imagine a brand that can produce virtual experiences and create benefits to recommend highly customized products based on your style and fit.

Imagine now that 3D makes it possible to optimize time and resources.

Thanks to the high quality of rendering, this technology could potentially replace the photoshoots and might be used both for the e-commerce world and for printed catalogues and company books.

The power to transform fashion is now in your hands, let one of our experts guides you on this incredible journey.

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