3 days workshop - Full immersion for beginners

First day

During the first day you will get an introduction to the 3D world and its textile usage. Then we will go through the setup of the software and get to know the area of work. You will learn how to deal with different avatars and how to modify their measurements. Then we will move to the pieces area and their import or creation from scratch. Lastly we will approach the sewing and simulation process.

Second day

During the second day we will dig into the world of colors, texture and trims. You will learn how to color up and import logos 2D and play with 3D objects and trims. Further more we will go in depth into the fabrics properties and their simulation with gravity. We will continue to explore the simulation process, digging into the real time modification and draping.

Third day

The last day will be dedicated to an individual exercise to practice what you have learned during previous days and finally obtain your first and complete 3D garment! You will be able to define your personal avatar and sew together the pieces you have been working on.
In the afternoon we will go through corrections and finally we will have some time dedicated to Q&A.